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FIRST PERIOD AWARDS: The winner list…🏆

Best Film: “E65” – Alex Reutter – Germany
Best European Film: “There is no end to this story” – Cosima Frei – Switzerland
Best Asian Film: “The club of gods” – Hardik Parikh – India
Best American Film: “The girl who faded away” – Brent Heise – USA
Best Italian Film: “Le Troiane” – Chiara Del Bove – Italy
Best Low Budget Film: “A sudden gust of wind” – Elias Lederer – UK
Best Original Idea: “Mourir à l’aube” – Elisabet Prandi – Spain

Best Drama: “Lullaby for the cat” – Andrew Gil – Ukraine
Best Comedy: “Shooting your own shadow” – Joseph J. Parisi, Michael Amman – USA
Best Tragicomic: “E65” – Alex Reutter – Germany
Best Horror: “The ace of spades” – Alessio Leombruni – Italy
Best Thriller: “The Housesitter” – Lisa Mason Lee, James Ehman – USA
Best Sci-fi: “Bat Diary” – Silvano Plank – Italy
Best Documentary: “Where the tracks lead” – Kate Bromley – Canada
Best Animation: “Yvonna” – Romain Le guillerm – Canada
Best War: “Mourir à l’aube” – Elisabet Prandi – Spain
Best Web/TV Pilot/Tv Series: “Nancy Days” – Indus Alelia – USA
Best Music: “The girl who faded away” – Brent Heise – USA

Best Director: “Brotherhood” – Maggie Grant – USA
Best Young Director: “Grateful grapefruit” – Sam Edward Handley – New Zealand
Best Soundtrack: “Untold pieces” – Petar Mrdjen – Czech Republic
Best Editing: “A new day” – Luis Sanchez-Gijon – USA
Best Screenplay: “Snail” – Renato Fimene – USA
Best Cinematography: “The Silhouette in The Dark” – Maria Francesca Brancaccio, Gioia Ducci – Italy
Best Actor: “Between Here and Gone” – Iván Gisbert – Spain
BEST ACTRESS: “Missing” – Marjana Sanjuan – USA
Best Producer: “Snail” – Renato Fimene – USA
Best Make-up, Hairstyling or Costumes: “The club of gods” – Hardik Parikh – India
Best Title: “V!ZON – Title Sequence” – Elijah Scott – USA
Best Movie Poster: “Split self” – Rosger Toledo, Mariana Flores, Jeniffer Flores – USA

“the wanderer of the montagnette……..” – Jacques Micke, Association Groupement Cinéma Provençal – France
Bat Diary” – Silvano Plank – Italy
“DRACULA, Son of the Devil” – Brian Pinkus, Chris Völkle – Switzerland
Between Here and Gone” – Sadie Duarte – Spain
Nancy Days” – Indus Alelia – USA

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